In today’s competitive environment, the improvement of professional skills and qualifications for employees is always of special interest to the Board of Directors.

Training activities of the FAC include:

  • Training of Chief Accountant Classes: The FAC organizes the Chief Accountant Fostering courses to facilitate the appointment of chief accountants by the clients in accordance with the regulations of the State.
  • Training on financial accounting, management accounting, auditing and internal auditing, finance director, securities trading, etc., are organized according to the requirements of customers provided to internal students. Apply international accounting standards and auditing standards, current financial policies and regimes, financial and securities knowledge and international business.
  • Organize professional activities and provide the text information of the new state issued. This is a very useful business update program for people working in finance, accounting and tax administration.
  • Internal training is a continuous task of professionalizing the staff, ensuring a firm development in the market mechanism and adapting to the process of economic integration with the region and the world.



FAC Auditing Company

  • Transaction Office: 2/23 Quach Van Tuan, Ward 12, Tan Binh District, HCM City
  • Head office: 400/34 Hong Bang, Ward 16, District 11, Ho Chi Minh City
  • Phone: 08 3948 3100 – 08 3948 3101
  • E-mail: kiemtoandenhat@gmail.com