FAC Auditing Co., Ltd. (“FAC”) is an independent auditing consultancy and one of the auditing companies accredited by the Ministry of Finance and the Vietnam Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA). Practice auditing services.

Open letter

First, allow FAC Auditing Co., Ltd to send to your company, customers wishes health, sincere thanks for the interest and cooperation of your agency, customers for our company. .

FAC “FAC CO., LTD” Audit Company Limited was established on the basis of a team of experienced auditors, consultants, appraisers, and experienced engineers. Our operation process is based on the current standards, accounting and auditing regulations and regulations of Vietnam’s capital construction investment and the selection of standards. Common international practice in the field of occupational suitability of business practices and economic management in Vietnam.

With the motto of prestige and quality always goes along with the goal of striving to become a professional auditing and consulting company in Vietnam with international quality. We are always with customers to create true value added, legitimate prosperity by our own capacity in the rapidly changing global economy. FAC Auditing Co., Ltd (FAC CO., LTD) has been creating the trust and concern of the units and agencies near and far. In response to this belief, our company is and will continue to improve the service and quality of service, the development of customers in the relationship of cooperation and trust, support. Customers effective solutions to improve operational capacity and ensure safety in financial operations.

Dear Sirs, Dear Customers, We are very pleased to send to you this information, we hope that you will have the necessary information about our company. Looking forward to the recent days FAC Auditing Co., Ltd (FAC CO., LTD) will have the opportunity to cooperate with you.



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