Verification, Auditing, Settlement and Settlement of Capital Construction is one of the outstanding activities of the FAC.












The services that we have been offering and are available to customers in all areas of the country include:

  • Auditing the report on the final settlement of investment capital of the project, auditing the final accounts of the project;
  • Compliance audit in investment activities;
  • Verification of projects, preparation and verification of cost estimates of works;
  • Construction consultants (except design, supervision, construction survey);
  • Business consultancy, Equitization consultancy, Business transformation consultancy;
  • Determine the value of the enterprise, capital contribution, transfer capital;
  • Valuation of assets (goods, houses, land, machinery …);
  • Services implemented on the basis of complying with the current regulations of the State on management of capital construction investment for projects of foreign investment, domestic investment capital, Exist, rational and marketable.

The audited reports will help you complete the procedures and approvals for the final settlement of investment capital, the value of the final settlement of capital construction works before the works are put into use. The above services will provide you with reliable information and documents on selecting your investment partner and for the purposes of mortgage, transfer, equitization, dissolution, Bankruptcy Law Firm.