Auditing financial statements is a major activity of our company.




With more than 250 customers of all types of businesses in different industries, we have accumulated many valuable practical experiences, always ready to serve businesses with the best quality of service.

Annual audits will be carried out by preliminary audits and audits will be completed according to the agreed schedule with customers.

Auditing Process The financial statements are based on:

  • Compliance with current Vietnamese Standards on Auditing.
  • Adhere to international standards and practices in the professional field.
  • Principles of professional ethics Audit: Independence, integrity, objectivity, prudence and confidentiality of information acquired during the audit process compliance with business practices and the legal environment of Vietnam.
  • In addition, at the request of many businesses, we have implemented the services: Operation Audit, Compliance Audit, Internal Audit and Financial Information Auditing.

Our audit process is closely linked to the support of information and advice that has contributed to the improvement of the internal control system, the organization of accounting and financial management of enterprises and in many In case, we help the enterprise protect their legitimate legitimate interests.



FAC Auditing Company

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